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Electric mobility

In a world that is increasingly concerned with the environment, it makes sense to focus on increasing the utilization of eco-friendly technology to move people and goods from one place to another. Electric mobility meets this need for a green, non-polluting and quiet source of motive power to help secure the future of our planet. By making use of renewable energy, electric mobility can satisfy the demands of today’s environmentally conscious generation for transport that is not only clean and almost noiseless, but also comfortable and a pleasure to use.

Less hardware, more software

Electric-powered vehicles are less complex mechanically than vehicles that use conventional engines as a source of motive power. By using electric motors to drive the axles, electric mobility reduces the complexity of the powertrain, and eliminates altogether the most complicated piece of hardware, the internal combustion engine.

However, this reduction in hardware is accompanied by an increase in the complexity of the systems needed to run the vehicle. Complex electrical and electronic systems as well as software are already an essential part of any modern car, but this radical change in automotive technology involves a fundamental shift in the architecture of both of these. A central, high-performance computing cluster forms the heart of the electrical and electronic system. The software structure involves several functions running on the one system or controller, and communication between the systems and the controller becomes service-oriented. A gateway for over the air secure software updates is also needed to ensure optimum performance at all times.

Generic software paves the way

Future electric and electronic system architectures will be shaped by the availability of generic software infrastructure. EB provides the necessary embedded infrastructure software for the on-board networks of electric cars. This software can be implemented on anything from small OEM electronic control units (ECUs) up to ASIL-D certified controllers and the central car computers of the future. Our scalable software solution can be distributed across single-core and multicore microcontrollers and processors within one system. Classic and adaptive automotive open system architecture (AUTOSAR), functional safety/ISO 26262, embedded security, automotive Ethernet and IP, Hypervisor and embedded Linux/POSIX make up the applied technologies.

Eco friendly driving technology

To go with the control software, EB’s navigation solutions include a “green” routing option as well as options that provide the shortest or fastest route. The “green” function works out a route that saves energy and emissions, which is based on pre-compiled map data information, adjustable vehicle characteristics, car sensors, and connected content such as real-time traffic data. With it, energy profiles can be determined and the energy consumption predicted for all possible routing options.

As automotive technology advances, drivers expect that energy savings will increase correspondingly. To meet this expectation, EB offers “green” routing and range assist technology, supported by EB’s electronic horizon solution. The range assist technology displays the available range of the vehicle on a map, taking all the relevant conditions into account. EB robinos Predictor, which is EB’s electronic horizon solution, can provide highly accurate and up-to-date information about the road ahead, such as the speed profiles, gradients, geometry and curvature. All this combines to provide an even more eco-friendly driving experience.


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